Tudor Feast at Hampton Court { 15 images } Created 12 Dec 2008

These photographs utilise the fabulous technology of the Leica camera and lens. The lighting situation was next to nothing and the Leica brought out some of the most delicate colour schemes I have ever seen. Tudor Feast at Hampton Court, London. A hearty Christmas dinner as in the times of Henry 8th. I spent the day 'feasting' on the sumptuose food being prepared for the evening meal, learning how it would have been done in the period. sublime lighting allowed my Leica to revel in the fast lens capabilities. My interest in the audience is equal to that of the preparations to the meal. Two elderly ladies listen to the guide and children stand amazed, whilst grown men dress in Tudor forms to entertain and educate. I was rewarded by a tasting. Royal venison soup, and pigeon and leek Pie and custard tart for pudding.
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