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On Saturday 14 November 1896, 33 pioneering motorists set off in a variety of innovative 19th Century horseless carriages, from the Metropole Hotel London, to the Metropole Hotel Brighton to demonstrate and promote the capabilities of the motor car invention.
The wide variety of participating motor cars included electric, steam and internal combustion engine propulsion technology. In addition, they celebrated the new road-act of that year which increased the speed limit from 4mph to 14mph and abandoned the need for a man on foot waving a red flag, to precede each motor vehicle.

This weekend in 2011, saw the 115th anniversary of the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. A true motorists dream to be taking part, with proper fuel stops and a range of good places for cars to stop. The weather held for what turned out to be a rather special day.
Lara Platman had the honour of travelling with 'Genevieve', made famous by the 1953 film named after this Darracq model and 'Spyker', the race rival in the film.
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